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XBRL issues Call for Review of GL Taxonomy

8/15/2011 3:39:02 PM   Bron: XBRL.org

The XBRL International Standards Board has approved publication of the XBRL GL 2006 Taxonomy as a Proposed Recommendation and issued a Call for Review of the taxonomy. This is the final stage prior to the taxonomy becoming a full XBRL Recommendation.  A Proposed Recommendation is a mature Technical Work Product that has gone through a thorough review for technical soundness and capability of implementation.  The review period will last for 45 days and if no substantive issues are raised, the taxonomy will be proposed as a Recommendation.  The GL Taxonomy is intended to enable the efficient handling of financial and business information contained within an organisation.  It allows the representation of data found in charts of accounts, journal entries or historical transactions and enables it to be gathered and used efficiently across disparate accounting systems.  All who have comments or wish to endorse the taxonomy should mail xbrlgl@xbrl.org before 15 January 2007.  

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