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XBRL International Call for Interest - Functions Working Group

8/15/2011 3:39:02 PM   Bron: XBRL.org

XBRL International is calling on all those who are interested in participating in an XBRL International Working Group devoted to the topic of an XBRL Functions library to make their interest known by e-mail to WGAdmin@xbrl.org.  In particular, suitable volunteers to Chair the Working Group are being sought.  The XBRL International Standards Board (XSB) has determined that a Functions WG should be formed to deliver a standard library of XBRL-aware function interfaces and a registry that allows additional functions to be defined from time-to-time to encourage further standard development of the library.  The primary audience for the output of this Working Group would be other Working Groups that are developing specifications which can benefit from the use of such functions, software vendors and in-house developers that produce XBRL 2.1 functions processors and taxonomy authors that want to express functions, either inside XBRL formulae, or elsewhere. Once sufficient interest has been declared in the Functions Working Group, a formal “Call for Participation” will be issued.

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