“XBRL - The eXtensible Business Reporting Language ”

22ste internationale XBRL conferentie

8/15/2011 3:39:14 PM   Bron: instantreporting.nl

"Sharing Economic Information in a Global World: The XBRL Contribution”"Sharing Economic Information in a Global World: The XBRL Contribution”, is de titel van de 22ste internationale XBRL conferentie.De conferentie wordt ditmaal in Brussel gehouden van 17 tot 19 mei.ProgrammaThe XBRL conference provides an international stage for Regulators, Financial & Banking Institutions, Public Companies & SME's to share the benefits and case studies of using XBRL as the standard for business reporting and how it is being implemented around the world. The program committee will shape the conference around the theme of burden reduction and Interoperability by sharing experiences on how XBRL favourably impacts enterprises and investor communication, regulatory reporting, accountancy and audit, supervisors and business registers, and data processing solutions. U kunt zich hier opgeven voor de conferentie.

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